About Us

Sam International, is an Exporters and overseas employment consultants. It is a leading manpower organization in Kathmandu, Nepal. We are reputed for our sincerity and dedication in the services of our workers as well as our employers to whom we render the most professional services possible. We have come a long way in establishing a standard within our organization of people. While its philosophy is to enable Nepalese citizen to earn a living, the purpose of Sam International Pvt. Ltd. is to supply with all type of categorizes of human resources in the shortest period of time. It has pool of at least 5000 people for immediate employment at any one time.

The highest Himalayan and landlocked country known as Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal, in the world. It is situated in south Asia spreads over an area of 147181 Sq. Km and population of nearly 22 millions, most of whom are engaged in agriculture. The extremely beautiful country side with panoramic views of snow capped mountains, different types of lakes national parks, forest, wild animals and birds, rivers, cave etc are the national treasure which attracts the large number of tourists in our country every year. Therefore, tourism sector plays an important role in the national economy and its people.

Nepalese people have been working in different countries in the world from last century. Serving under British Empire, the Gurkha’s displayed unmatched bravery, loyalty, Honesty and impeachable discipline during the both world wars. As a result, several Gurkha’s have received the highest medal of honor the “VICTORIA CROSS” due to that impression, a large number of Nepalese people are recruited in British Gurkhas Army, Singapore Police Force and Gurkha regiment of India. The Sultan of Brunei and Abudhabi Police Force hires a large number of Ex- British Gurkhas, Ex-Indian Gurkhas and Ex-Army of Nepal as personal bodyguards and security guards for different ministries and departments. Similarly, technical and non-technical Nepalese workers have been working in Gulf Region such as Qatar, U.A.E, Kuwait, Bahrain, Oman, Iraq, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Even Malaysia, Hong Kong, Singapore and South Korea also hire the Nepalese workers.